Thursday, February 9, 2023


We mentor family dog owners who are career-oriented corporate executives

HOW TO Increase productivity at work instead of wasting time stressing, worrying about “my misbehaving family dog.”

🔸Having a successful job AND worrying about misbehaving dogs at home causes Lots of unwanted stress

🔸I was the same until I decided to change! Now, my daily 10 minutes stress-less activity keeps me productive; and keeps my dogs relaxed!

🔸I now have the capacity to Actually excel and ace productivity at work!

🔸And Blossom-Marshal are well behaved on most days!

As a treat, we have special resources just for you, straight to your email

Okay, Hold On!! Read this 👇before you continue?!

If you think pet dogs are a temporary puppy-stage-only toy or “they just need strict ‘training'”,

the content on this page is Not for You. Hugs to your animals; but goodbye 🥲

Our kind of pet dog parents have ‘pet babies’ who definitely gets a lot of pampering

while also being supported with cognitive thinking skills’ training.

What is this cognitive whatttt?? Cognitive Thinking Skills are:

  • Sensible structured activities during leashed and off-leash time
  • Good manners indoors and cognitive exploration outdoors for family dogs
  • Family dogs being their loving selves around both; curious children and quiet seniors

Ready to continue? Okay… let’s find out more about us!!

B&M are invaluable help to our student friends. HOW?? 👇

with real-time behavior demonstrations and telepathy communication.

While managing the operations is my ‘department’!

There are 2 straightforward options for you here.

Because you took the time to watch this introduction video, or you just like dogs (or other animals 😍)

  1. Register for the Summit- My Best Friend.
  2. email me at yes@vrushaliandblossom.com and let’s talk about our animals!
  3. And because we absolutely enjoy engaging with you, here is a 3rd option (lol), there is a lot of animal communication content and dog training content to browse on my instagram profile.

Have a pawesome day!

Signing off.

🐾🐾B&M and Vrushali😃

Dear dog owner, what if I took away your dog's seperation anxiety and gave you peace of mind? With ✏️ simple steps, ✏️ daily 20 minutes of 'training' and ✏️ lots of patience- involving everyone in your family (spouse, parents, kids....) 🚨🚨🚨My coaching program is for Pet families (All animals,, birds, potted plants welcome 😊) wanting maximum family memories with minimal hassle and struggle.

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