Telepathy Communication: Testimonials

Hello and Namaste πŸ™‚!

We are Blossom, Marshal and me, Vrushali

Our foundation step focuses to boost productivity of corporate, working pet owners by reducing time wasted in correcting their misbehaving family animals.

With this strong base in place, we then guide our client friends to explore other aligned modalities using our signature ‘and Blossom’ formula.

Our progressive mentoring is aimed to provide busy executives-with-pets to integrate the FUNdamental FourπŸ‘‰ nutrition, peace, love and prayer …with ease into your corporate lifestyle.

Your very own dear pet animals share their guidance and wisdom to demonstrate the all-important How!

How to be well-thy and fulfilled, in order to live a better aligned lifestyle.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

This testimonials page will help you relate better to what we do exactly (hehe!) and make the decision for yourself. This is not a complete list of testimonials! I dipped into my testimonial box and picked a fistful- which are displayed for your benefit here! So, enjoy!

I get queries all across my social media- FB messenger, FB comments, WhatsApp, Instagram, even YouTube comments! The actual tiny comments are in screenshots and have been typed out for your convenience!

Note that our methods provide support for all categories of animals.

Like this feral cat, Grey- who insists on enjoying her outdoor freedom.

So how do her humans manage to treat her illness, respect her outdoor preference and still love her unconditionally?

On getting permission from Grey, we spoke to her. Had a proper conversation, just like 2 human beings do. Grey stated what she likes, dislikes and also wants her caring humans to do for her and what she does Not want done for her! πŸ‘‡

And this is Corey. His human ‘sister’ wants to know what he likes to do, how does he feel in her care.

Corey very kindly Showed me a picture of himself swinging in his cage swing, once he granted me permission to have a talk. His human was very happy and quite excited! πŸ‘‡

Basil, a senior rescue dog was resource guarding…. his Human!

When he granted me permission to have a telepathy conversation, we sat down and had a very ‘formal’ meeting.

Explaining to him positives, negatives, repercussions of his behavior. On his request, Basil was given telepathic Reiki and Bach Flower channeled healing And his human used our signature technique to reduce her stress! Our technique requires 10 minutes-a-day for a writing and doodle activity.

Basil’s human sent us this lovely progress reply. She was astonished and very happy! πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

How do I do this????

My signature technique of 10 minutes-a-day progress has been titled ‘Doggone Blockheads’. Watch this video to find out more!

Yes, the video description has a payment link. Enter your email id and the printable pdf will be emailed to you!

Let’s go already!!!! Okay! Complete this form. It gives me your problem’s basic information and invites your agreement to pay for my coffee (or three!) Let’s do this!!

And ofcourse, read one!

One special telepathy conversation close to my heart is one with Andy and his human.

The detailed feedback from his very grateful humans takes up the below 4 images!

If I have to describe our interaction in 1 sentence, it will be thus:

A horse up for rehoming is waiting patiently in a hostile rather dubious environment for his human to come get him and the only non tactile elements that seem to work are trust and common sense.

What happens next? Let’s find out 😍

As I said: this conversation is close to my heart 😍

Now, with Twist another horse, his human was concerned about his behavior.

We agreed to using our method of telepathy communication to

find out the reason, understand what was making Twist behave so

and ‘reported’ to his human. Below is what his human had to say about this. We are always glad to know about this behavior transformation and how we are instrumental in forging a loving lifelong bond between animal and human πŸ₯°πŸ’š

We are excited to work with her other horses as part of our monthly telepathy subscription package!

All Gromit the dog wanted was some TLC and attention from his humans.

A telepathy conversation set them on the right path to being a family that bond togetherπŸ₯°πŸ’š

Boo the cat had a LOT to share with his humans!

A telepathy conversation built the foundation to understanding one another better πŸ₯°πŸ’š

Some animals request a complete telepathy reading which their humans are usually happy to honor.

Let’s find out: what happens in our real-time telepathy call?

Such a conversation typically happens live on a video or audio call!

This helps the animal’s human a.) understand exactly what and how we communicate (yes, based on the need Blossom and/or Marshal join me in the telepathic meeting!).

and b.) Makes a very informal friendly experience where any further questions are answered on the call with inputs from the animal! How cool is that?!

The one factor all my customer friends unanimously agree upon, is that after such a conversation ‘consultation’

their relationship improves in leaps and bounds. Becoming stronger and more loving lifelong.

Awwww πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ’š

Because you want that registration button, here it is!!

Complete this form to tell me about your problem’s basic information. It also invites your agreement to pay for my coffee (or three!) let’s go!!

The 2 ways I mentor pet owners are:

1. With a monthly telepathy subscription

2. Through my exclusive 6 week group coaching for 6 pet families, which is then continued into a monthly support group

“Oy!! I just want to know more!” Register here with a 10$ 45 minute brainstorming call now!

In this case, Marco knew the right words in which to explain in a way that his humans understood.

Marco’s soul connection (commonly known as soul contract) with his dear humans was very evident from the message below.

What continues to amaze my client friends, is how little all materialistic factors matter to their animals. All they want is food, shelter and lots of TLC which they Reciprocate to their humans.

Our telepathy conversations have no geographic boundaries, and are inclusive to breed, race, class of people and type of animal.

When our fellow animal friends need telepathy support that is in our capacity, we are honored to sit across the ‘phone’ (πŸ˜„) and give telepathy information along with payment details for the monetary investment.

Compared to the lifelong value the animals and human continue to receive, money loses its charm!

This gorgeous girl had a lot to share with her dear human carers as you can tell!

Truli was much relieved after our telepathy conversation. She was happy her human reached out for a reading (that’s a commonly used term for telepathic animal communication lol) and chatted away!

Dilo the horse was determined to make his humans understand that he is ‘not just a horse’!

While Cinnamon is just as spicy as her name 😊

ABC is very restless. XYZ is suddenly not keeping well.

Can you help me please?!

This is where we come in!

We mentor you to look at your animal as the centre focus, and use the elements of telepathy and training to clearly communicate with your animal.

our signature method helps bring down your stress which transforms the behavior of your animal for the better!

Now we make it easy to say “YES!” to a well behaved family animal!

With my signature 10 minutes-a-day progress technique titled ‘Doggone Blockheads’,
Hang in there, we got you covered!

The printable activity can be purchased here for USD 10$.

When you make the payment, enter your email id so we can personally send it to you!

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