Saturday, June 3, 2023

๐ŸŒŸAh, I see you decided to be smarter than your pet animal- hurray๐Ÿ‘๐ŸฅณWe love you already๐Ÿคฉ!

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    About me !

    Are you a reader person like me?!
    Let me introduce myself (the written version of my introductory video!)

    Had a very memorable childhood in Muscat (Insert picture), with annual summer holidays in India always spent with cousins and…. Yup animals
    ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜… (Insert picture)

    Farm animals, gorgeous GSDs, Indies, you name it. I’m also an amateur horse rider
    ๐Ÿ˜ (Insert 2 pictures)

    We relocated to India for graduation and stayed on. I entered the corporate sector, got married (Insert picture), moved jobs, travelled thrice to UK (Insert picture)(around the Yorkshire region) for ‘company work’, was awarded CSR volunteer of the year 2010 pan India (I am still the award holder)

    Ok, permission to just scroll right to the end for ‘what I do now’

    And at the threshold of being Assistant Manger Information Security, the decision was made to pivot, when my child was 3years in 2018 and began school.

    Not one to stay home, some of my ‘jobs’ included:

    Volunteer at Animal Angels Foundation as part of their therapy dog-handler team
    Volunteer at Prism foundation (trying to see whether special needs children and me were a match, bless them)โค๏ธ
    Volunteer MS office trainer to the Samvedana team (NGO arm to a major hospital with branches across the State of Maharashtra, India)
    Billing manager at Pune’s premier veterinary clinic (think page 3 clients)
    Administration team at Earthwise Pune (think about a dream job…And WFH)
    Digital marketing VA to a shamanic practitioner and the founders of Gaia_theportal (can’t take ‘working’ outta me)

    And this is how my ‘something’ became crystal clear and developed into what I do now.

    That’s this! Coaching families who have pets.
    Pets are very much family members, just there is a disconnect you are unable to sort out.

    Enter: Blossom, Marshal and me, Vrushali!

    We take you from being a frustrated and constantly worried pet parent , giving you just the right modalities (training or telepathy with natural healing channels) so that you get to breathe, relax and finally become a loving family unit of your dreams.

    Now for the juicy FAQ bits!

    Can we help other animals?

    We help domestic animals, farm animals, exotic animals, and Also house plants, your apartment, find your always-go-walk about keys and Moody kids!!

    What is telepathy?

    I am so happy you asked! Here is a video you can check out on my YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/shorts/n1wnWWnlRAI?feature=share).Think of telepathy as a ‘translation tool’. I talk to your animal in my mind using my five senses of: taste, smell, hear, feel and sight; also known as Gustatory, Olfactory, Audio, Kinesthetics and Vision.
    And depending on what ‘picture’ is painted to me by your animal I share the same, as is; with you.
    With practice, this becomes more effortless, it becomes more fun, there’s a lot that the animal shares, which a telepathic communicator shares with you!The two main purposes of telepathy communication are:

    A. To understand your animal better which leads to a happy relaxed family (doi GIF!)

    B. To understand what is your animals’ soul purpose with you and explore this internally (GIF)

    What are natural healing channels?

    Any modality used for the benefit of humans in a natural way. The modalities familiar to me include: Traditional Reiki, Intuitive healing, Bach Flower, Power animals, with more added as I keep learning more from experts.

    So do I talk to humans?

    The short answer is yes!
    The long answer: I prefer to talk to a human through your animal and only if they are a part of your close family. I can definitely direct you to Mediums, auto writers, etc (I am very helpful that way! GIF)

    And I prefer using the auric energy of the human rather than my telepathy modality.

    Do you teach all this?

    I am so glad you asked! yes I do! There is a basic workshop and an intensive workshop known as the ‘and Blossom’ academy.
    This intensive workshop is a part of my monthly membership program where you get access to me Andddd also experts I have learnt from myself who teach you on different healing modalities whichever you feel called out to.Think about my monthly membership as an all included food buffet that is laid out and you get to pick and choose and keep coming back for more every month!
    We can discuss more about this in detail on our 45 minutes coaching call. 
    My 45 minute coaching call definitely extends to 60 minutes because I love to talk.. and share everything that I know; that will be of use to you and 45 minutes is never enough for me!!