My Best Friend

The Summit Upgrade with Trudy

Hi, welcome in!!

▶️This summit highlights the benefits and calls out probable struggle solutions, all as a part of having in our families, our best friend- our pet dogs!

👉Who will find this Summit useful?

▶️Families that are THINKING about getting a pet dog

▶️BRAND-NEW pet families who are asking the question… “so what now?!”

▶️WORK-FROM-HOME pet owners who want to learn from other pet owners and expert speakers like Trudy, about incorporating dance movements as a daily stress busting enjoyable activity!

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Now…. what’s this Summit upgrade with Trudy???!

The Summit-My Best Friend Premium Upgrade ticket gets you extended video replays, your specific speaker questions answered and bonus printable resources from summit host, Vrushali!! Scroll onwards for All the Details 😃👇

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With the added option to have 6 months access to all the speaker videos + bonuses.

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Remind me about this Summit again?

Oh sure- when you click this link, it takes you to the Summit page that has all the details (and even a linked short video!).

👉Annnnnddd what is included in the Upgrade ticket?

  1. Six months validity on All speaker video replays
  2. Your specific speaker questions answered!
    • Watch the videos and email related questions that come to mind by ⛔ Day 14 of ticket purchase:
    • These will be compiled speaker-wise
    • Q&A speaker-wise recordings will be shared
    • These bonus videos are valid for 6 months
  3. Early bird Priority tickets for Summit Season 2 (Yet more speakers added, your chance to suggest speakers, the options are limitless!!)
  4. Printable bonus resources for Everyone in the family to enjoy (think sticker sheets, car bumper sticker, also personal pet journal sheets!)

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⬇️ use this Stripe link!

Pay USD 33£ GBP Now!

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Here, click this link. It takes you to the Summit page that has all the details (and even a linked short video!).

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