Kaizen to 10X pet parenting effectiveness

β€œIf you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.” – Master Oogway

Hello and Namaste πŸ™‚!

We are Blossom, Marshal and me, Vrushali

Our foundation step focuses to boost productivity of corporate, working pet owners by reducing time wasted in correcting their misbehaving family animals.

With this strong base in place, we then guide our pet owner friends using aligned nature-inclusive modalities and corporate productivity strategies through our experiential ‘and Blossom’ formula.

Our progressive mentoring provides executives-with-pets the support to integrate the FUNdamental FourπŸ‘‰ nutrition, peace, love and prayer …with ease into corporate lifestyle.

Your very own dear pet animal companions share their guidance and wisdom to demonstrate the all-important “How is this possible?!”

How to be well-thy and fulfilled, in order to live a better aligned lifestyle.

This page shows a sample of how I continue to expand my own capabilities through mentoring programs for business and personal growth.

So, how does upskilling help me?

Upskilling facilitates continuous learning through training programs and development opportunities to expand one’s abilities.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the programs I enroll for. I dipped into my programs’ box and picked a fistful- which are displayed for your benefit here! So, enjoy!

such as How to be effective on LinkedIn πŸ˜ƒ

And having a support circle of fellow business owners is a Great Help πŸ‘‡

Telepathy conversations with peers are Always exciting, and special when wildlife choses to share its wisdom

I work ON growing my business the right way and invest in the right mentoring that works for me.

When the mentor is a woman who has travelled a difficult path and emerged as a multi-6 figure earner, I know I shall learn wellπŸ‘‡πŸΎ

I am very mindful to grow on my soul’s journey also. After all, unity of heart and mind is the ultimate ‘Jeevan’ (AKA life!)

Learning from successful and profitable veterans who take time to mentor??? well now that’s rare!

I Always wanted to be a published author! Yet, all the How Tos and What Ifs pulled me down!

That’s when I found a writing coach who shows the way!

And they are aptly called Paperback Experts!

I feel So Good during my conversations with pet owners because now I Ask Permission before proceeding with our calls. Giving advice, sharing my experiences, telling them about my programs- Anything. Because I got a ‘yes please!’ I happily proceed!

This was Such Good Learning from Marla!

When you Love videos as much as I do, it makes Perfect sense to enroll in a program like this one!

Magnetising Money, now That’s always welcome, eh?! 😍

I found the Perfect monetary creation mentor in Allyson

And when I discovered I could tell my story Even better and More effectively?!

Mike and Chloe have All the credentials to be my coaches of choice πŸ₯°πŸ’š

Adela knows Exactly how to help me get visibility, with the sales and confidence to matchπŸ₯°πŸ’š

Working ON my business means I must use systems and automations where appropriate! And Chris is Just the coach I was looking for.

Wisdom for me, straight from the universe?!! Yes Please!!!

Okay, I must say BLU was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed as a student. The spectrum of topics covered: business, mindset, personality development, growth, guest mentors…. So Good!!

Oh, BLU stands for Build and Launch University (hehe)

As a business owner, getting to watch Lisa and being coached by her is an experience that I held firmly with both hands!

Now, as a family dog owner, you may be getting sleepy at this point in your scroll..

What does my learning from these business coaches have to do with you and your family dog?

So let me give you an example that resonates- WHICH celebrity professional dog trainer do you admire most?

What if you and your dog could train with them for just 2 hours? Would you take it?? Would you make time?? 100% Yes??!!

Then I rest my case!!!

To be most effective as your dogs’ mentor, I need to be most effective as a telepathy communicator, dog trainer, while also learn time management and business tools in order to dedicate Most of my time to you, not stuck behind my laptop sending emails and fixing my accounts!

And also work on my soul journey to understand what triggers could come up for us humans, for your dear animal companions and be mentally available to guide you well!!

Because you want that registration button, here it is!!

Complete this form that gives me basic details and invites your agreement to pay for my coffee (or three!) let’s go!!

Now, some animals request a complete telepathy reading which their humans are usually happy to honor.

Let’s find out: what happens in our real-time telepathy call?

Such a conversation typically happens live on a video or audio call!

This helps the animal’s human a.) understand exactly what and how we communicate (yes, based on the need Blossom and/or Marshal join me in the telepathic meeting!).

and b.) Makes a very informal friendly experience where any further questions are answered on the call with inputs from the animal! How cool is that?!

The one factor all my customer friends unanimously agree upon, is that after such a conversation ‘consultation’

their relationship improves in leaps and bounds. Becoming stronger and more loving lifelong.

Awwww πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ’š

The 2 ways I mentor pet owners are:

1. With a monthly Lifestyle and Productivity boost subscription

2. Through my exclusive 6 week group coaching for 6 pet families, which is then continued into a monthly support group

“Oy!! I just want to know more!” Register with a 10$ 45 minute brainstorming call with me now!!

This is where my Reiki certification Also greatly helps in my mentoring of you!

So why is This all the wayyyy down here??

This page has been organised by latest first. We are now at October, 2021- Yes!

October 2021 is when I enrolled and experienced the beautiful world of Reiki.

And I shall share only a few more from my upskill treasure box!

I was so happy to find the world of Bach Flower! Truly magical the transformation I see with these flower energies!

I align Bach Flower Telepathically for my students!! Yes! 0 pills and drops with 100% the result!

You know how many of my Instagram reels (and even YouTube shorts videos) reach high volumes?? Jalen’s programs are where I learnt to use Instagram to my advantage!

What continues to amaze my client friends, is how I ‘selflessly’ give my time to a first-timer. Whether on call, on chat or email.

Well, it’s all thanks to me Genuinely enjoying talking about pets Combined with effective business coaching from all these lovely mentors.

The mentoring benefits us humans. We need all those little details given in a courteous and polite manner.

For our animal companions? All they want is food, shelter and lots of TLC which they Reciprocate to their humans 😍

Our telepathy conversations have no geographic boundaries, nor are they selective to breed or race or class of people and type of animal.

When our fellow animal friends need telepathy support that is in our capacity, we are honored to sit across the ‘phone’ (πŸ˜„) provide information and give you payment details about the monetary investment.

Compared to the lifelong value the animals and human continue to receive, money loses its charm!

ABC is very moody. XYZ is constantly jumping on guests.

Can you help me please?!

This is where we come in!

We mentor you to look at your animal as the centre focus, and use the elements of telepathy and training to clearly communicate with your animal.

our signature method helps bring down your stress which transforms the behavior of your animal for the better!

Now we make it easy to say “YES!” to a well behaved family animal!

With my signature 10 minutes-a-day progress technique titled ‘Doggone Blockheads’,
Hang in there, we got you covered!

The printable activity can be purchased here for USD 10$.

When you make the payment, enter your email id so we can personally send it to you!

+91 9822874540

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