My Best Friend – Virtual Summit, 2022

Dog and owner activities for family dogs

The best dog and owner activities if you have a comfort dog, pet dog or an emotional support dog, should

make you feel oh-so-delighted

without panting too much

while your dear pet dogs are all


Then you and your dog enjoy an amicable silence with a cool beverage, a nice meal and call it a happy day!

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This page has multiple paragraphs and answers the following questions:

▶️How I discovered the common thread of dog owner struggles?

▶️Are dog parenting problems specific to parts around the world?

▶️The speaker topics’ summary and how we have created a dog parenting ‘buffet’ experience

▶️This summit is especially useful to which kind of dog parent?!

▶️What is included in this dog and owners summit ticket purchase?

▶️Vrushali- short bio

▶️Vrushali- geeky soul journey confessions

▶️Vrushali- eBook author – a peek at the book topic:- My behind the scenes of adopting

an abandoned adult dog (I call this my journey to how I became a

better, happier person and found my business niche)

▶️Vrushali- my stress free parenting style to care for 2 dogs and a human child

▶️Vrushali – my own pet parenting journey complete with scrapes and stumbles!

▶️The summit- confusion, not sure if this is value packed for me, will I get my money’s worth?

▶️The summit- a trial ticket deal!

▶️The summit- what about troubleshooting support?

▶️The summit- watch short videos about this summit experience for dog and owner activities

As an International telepathy coach, this has been the most common observation among my students- they usually begin

by giving me deer-in-headlight stares,

their eyes would glaze over, mind boggling at the thought “is this even possible?”

And this common thread of dog owner struggles point came up repeatedly during

catch up calls with peers, many of whom I call my dear friends. Our calls would turn

into ‘study sessions’ 😍 as we brainstormed ‘how can dog owners train their pet dog right? Stress less for dog owners? Reduce separation anxiety in pet dogs? Family dogs that are relaxed? Caring for pets while working from home? How to parent kids and pet dogs? Is this virtually possible?’

Irrespective of the geographical location. USA, Australia, Singapore, India, Ireland, Europe…

students stumbled especially because they ‘got the math wrong’

That’s when this happened! You know that feeling when the

bell dings in your head and you ‘Have to’ write it all down?! That’s what happened with us. Shilpa, Trudy, Esther, Shweta, Aditi and so forth- came up with this pawesome program.

Et voilà! Presenting The Summit – My Best Friend

An online dog owner brainstorming program with recorded videos that

demonstrate unique alternative method of dog parents to stress less that can be explored alongwith your dog’s participation!

Produced and curated by me, Vrushali; all the speaker topics are carefully chosen to give you ‘a buffet’ experience.

Watch and listen to each speaker. Their expert demonstration and personal experiences include:

  • Simple effective relaxation methods with their expert guidance
  • Share their own dog parenting story with Two dogs, one who is a rescue!
  • Maintain a busy structured career while practising telepathy animal communication as a hobby- best of both worlds!
  • A junior speaker who demonstrates his (supervised) interaction with his 2 fur siblings!
  • An animal support and rescue organization that gives crucial information on what to do when you want to help street animals- those who voluntarily take up a nomadic street life in our various cities around the world.

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Family pet dogs are the best and being with them should make you feel:



💝Like the luckiest dog owner in the world

The summit – My Best Friend highlights the benefits and calls out probable struggle areas that are all a part of having in our families, our best friend- our pet dogs!

This summit is especially useful to:

▶️WORK-FROM-HOME dog owners who are

searching ways to deepen their connection with their pets,

learn to reduce stress along with spending quality time with their family dogs!

▶️BRAND-NEW first time dog owner families with a puppy or are thinking about adopting a dog

needing support with ‘Step A’ that works 100% and as a bonus, is within a reasonable budget!

▶️Animal lovers, young adults and children who may not be dog owners and yet especially like to

help animals in need, such as those out on the streets or are looking for a animal-friendly hobby!

For the geeks 👉 The Summit- My Best Friend is like a bountiful blessing which rewards generously at a compounding rate in direct proportion to consistent effort and value investment

Get your summit ticket of GBP 33£ ⤵️

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Let me give you a summary of what this virtual program for dog and owner activities includes

1. Complete video replays for 60 days from buying

2. Your questions to any speaker (received in first 14 days) answered via video recording

3. Free Bonus resources from my dog and owner coaching vault

4. Get early bird pricing for Summit Season 2 entry tickets

Let me tell you in detail about these 4 points!

1. Complete video replays for 60 days from buying

(On day 61, the videos travel into the Summit secure vault to hibernate until Season 2)

Even so regardless, all doubts, questions and brainstorming support is provided to you every month (we Really Want to help you succeed)

I personally send a bi-monthly email to open the channel to talk with me and ask questions.

If a call is the way you are most comfortable, I am happy to block out 30 minutes every fortnight….. just for you and your family dog (Fair warning, I can listen for hours on end and after the 30 minute timer, we can continue the tête-à-tête on email 😍)

Also fair warning, every step of progress no matter how tiny or massive, is celebrated 😍.

Tell your family dog to get used to all the attention!

2. Your questions received in first 14 days to any speaker, answered

personally and emailed to you in a separate recorded video

To give me time to make a quality production, the questions must be received before Day 14 from buying the ticket.

The well-worded questions should be emailed to me, Vrushali:-

3. Bonus resources from my coaching vault that

include special printable dog diary templates, and so forth

4. Get early bird pricing for Summit Season 2 entry tickets

For the purchase link, scroll on to the end of this page, skip the rest of the yadayada if you like!

For the detailed readers (hello!) yes, the purchase link is included at the beginning, middle

and end of this page. More interestingly, read on to find out

how my pet dogs made me realize to stress less and become a better pet parent.

Allow me to introduce myself!

We are the team (1 human 2 dogs) at Vrushali &2Woofs. Yes, Blossom-Marshal are

active team members- contributing greatly during my telepathy coachings.

Our work spans animal behavior diagnosis and training solutions using interspecies telepathic communication.

For the animals’ humans, our beginner and immersive group programs explore soul purpose using

NLP, Reiki and Bach flower (as I study and learn, the modalities offered keeps growing!) that pave

the pathway to a funfilled successful lifestyle.

Better skip right down if this is too uncommon for ya!

Keep reading if you like a good meaty real life story on a dog parenting journey 😍

Our telepathy communication training students reside in India and globally, majorly in English speaking countries and continents.

Horses, dogs, cats, fish, parakeets, wild birds, sea animals have blessed me with their knowledge and wisdom through conversations.

Telepathy is not limited to a particular species, and thus, I also enjoy conversations with properties (vaastu energy), potted plants, farm crops, water bodies and so forth.

As Kevin says to the ‘wet bandits’ 🔽

Okay then! I shall continue!

Blossom is my soul sister from a past life and we travel dimensions when required.

Marshal is my soul mate from another world and he is my companion in dream travel and inter galactic travel.

I remain an eternal student and telepathy is my chosen subject to explore.

Did someone say “weird!”???!!! There’s lots more to tell ya, maybe

send me an email with your questions and/or feedback to

Okay, who like eBooks???!!

Prompted to share my experience with Marshal led me to authoring my published eBook titled:

My BTS (Behind-the-scenes) to successfully adopting an abandoned adult dog
AKA (Also Known As) how I became a better, happier person and found my ‘business niche’

More details, on this different topic later. You can send me an email with

your questions and/or feedback to

Whose Work-from-Home? Any homemakers? Just me?!

With 2 dogs and 1 human child to supervise and raise responsibly, my other role is that of a caring homemaker

By day, my role of caring homemaker takes preference

In the evenings, I switch into coaching mode 😁

Each week, the 3 children and I make time to get out of our city centre apartment and travel into

the lap of nature, exploring (and communicating) with the hills and river bodies around our city.

That’s all the exercise we need to power through our week!

Now that you have a fair idea of “who am I”! let me tell you about my contribution to the Summit- My Best Friend

I volunteered to produce and curate The Summit – My Best Friend because we 3 believe

that our dogs can become part of the family in stress free, relaxed ways.

My own pet parenting journey began with scrapes and stumbles!

With feelings of despair, frustration, sadness, thinking:
“Did I make a mistake getting a dog?”
“What does a trainer do different for Blossom, that I just can’t figure out?”
“Does Blossom not want to be my family?”
“Will an adopted adult dog really get along in my family?”

With every step of progress, there were 4 steps of regress- the first SIX months were

the absolute worst experience, yet the best in learning. I rarely if ever, faced that again!

Now that I see how far I have come from days of struggle to having treasured, joyful days

with Blossom and Marshal- I want

to share my journey so my dear fellow dog owner friends have hope, inspiration and necessary support.

In the form of the Summit- My Best Friend

In keeping with our business value of sustainability, the summit is being broadcast virtually.

We do our best to live mindfully and reduce carbon footprint as much as possible. I enjoy reading a glossy brochure or staying at a comfortable hotel much like many of us, yet now as an evolved human being; not at the cost of distress to our planet.

Also, this way, my international friends can participate and we all get to benefit from their real life expertise and experiences!

That was a bit of a scroll! Thank you for staying on! (the bonuses are good, yea?!)

Now that you are keen to get your ticket, let me share the link and scan code ⤵️

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Some of you might want more details about what is included in the Summit ticket.

“Is it worth the money?”

“What if I don’t like it?”

“Is there really support for me?”

“I don’t think I can make the time to watch the videos properly”

If you ask me, details will not be enough! My suggestion is to:

  1. Purchase the ticket,
  2. Get a notebook out (You Do have 1 for your pet, yes???!!!)
    • Such a curious coincidence! One of the bonus resources gives you printable access to my pet dog journal sheets!!
  3. Take serious notes
  4. Write down lightbulb points on good behavior to practise with your dog
  5. Block out 1 hour daily for the next 2 weeks for Your Personal Development (by listening, watching and practicing from this summit)

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No? Okay then, how about a deal?

There are 6 videos in this Summit Season 1- My Best Friend

Purchase 2 videos for GBP 22£ with the same ticket inclusions, yes even the bonuses!

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When you are ready for the other 4, they can be purchased for GBP 33£

The only condition is- this offer expires 14 days after purchasing the chosen 2 videos. Purchase the remainder 4 videos all for GBP 33£ anytime before day 14!

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