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How to get The Most for your Moneyhh??

  1. Get a notebook out (You Do have 1 for your pet, yes???!!!)
  2. Take serious notes
  3. Write down lightbulb good behavior points to practise with your dog
  4. Block out 1 hour daily for the next 2 weeks for Your
    • Personal Development (by listening, watching and practicing from this summit)

Family pet dogs are the best and being with them should make you feel:



💝Like the luckiest dog owner in the world

This is a reminder of what your registration ticket includes!

1. Complete video replays for 60 days from buying

(On day 61, the videos travel into the Summit secure vault to hibernate until Season 2)

Even so, all doubts, questions and brainstorming support is provided to you every month. I personally send a bi-monthly email to open the channel to talk with me and ask questions. If a call is the way you are most comfortable, I am happy to block out 30 minutes every fortnight….. just for you and your family dog (Fair warning, I can listen for hours on end and after the 30 minute timer, we can continue the tête-à-tête on email 😍) Also fair warning, every step of progress no matter how tiny or massive, is celebrated 😍. Tell your family dog to get used to all the attention!

2. Your questions received in first 14 days to any speaker, answered

personally and emailed to you in a seperate recorded video

To give me time to make a quality production, the questions must be received before Day 14 from buying the ticket. The well-worded questions should be emailed to me, Vrushali:- coachwithvrushali@gmail.com

3. Bonus resources from my coaching vault that

include special printable dog diary template sheets, and so forth

4. Get early bird pricing for Summit Season 2 entry tickets

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