The Rainbow Bridge🌈 Testimonials

Hello and Namaste 🙂

Losing an animal is heartbreaking. Time flies, but the ache seems to remain, dragging the family down with it. Does this hurt never stop?

The guilty thoughts of “was I a careless or absentee parent?” is constant and crushing.

We are Blossom, Marshal and me, Vrushali

Our foundation step in this case, is to coach pet families to complete the grieving process for their deceased animals.

Now let me first help you breathe a little better. No no, yoga, meditation, yadayada will come later.

First- your dear animals Always Love you.

They do Not want you to stay in the grieving state of mind. They are very much watching you from across the rainbow bridge- Is this how you want them to see you? guilty, sad, crying for their loss?

💕Or positive and living lovingly in their memory?

is this even possible? WHY NOT???!!!

Complete the grieving process. With this first step in place, we then have one of three options for you to choose from.

How does this work??!

Complete this form to give me basic information. This also invites your agreement to pay for my coffee (or three!) let’s get you some answers and become free of guilt STAT.

Here, some testimonials will give you an understanding and the hope and peace you crave right now 👇🏾

This is not a complete list of testimonials. I dipped into my rainbow testimonial box and picked a fistful- which are displayed for your benefit here.

I get queries all across my social media- FB messenger, FB comments, WhatsApp, Instagram, even YouTube comments! The actual tiny comments are in screenshots and have been typed out for your convenience!

Our methods provide support for all categories of animals, not only dogs. By the very nature of these animals, I have personally had the most inquiries for many many dogs, horses, a few cats and a handful of birds.

This is Millie- she gave her human tactile signs of her presence from across the rainbow bridge.

Millie continued on her soul journey more at ease now.

On getting permission from Millie, we spoke to her. Had a proper conversation, just like 2 human beings do. Millie had a clear message for her human👇

And this is Diesel. His human felt so guilty.

Once Diesel granted me permission to have a talk, he was so loving and patient to explain to his human👇

Splash the horse is very much missed.

When he granted me permission to have a telepathy conversation, we had a very ‘formal’ meeting.

Splash had a lot to share with his human about making his anniversary memorable.

She was finally at peace and very happy after our conversation with Splash! 👇🏾

How do I do this????

My signature technique of 10 minutes-a-day progress has been titled ‘Doggone Blockheads’. Watch this video to find out more.

Yes, the video description has a payment link. Enter your email id and the printable pdf will be emailed to you!

Oy!! Just take me to the form and get me signed up please.

Ofcourse, you can read some more!

With Peanut the dog, his human was wasting away in guilt.

We agreed to using our method of telepathy communication to

Peanut very sweetly cleared her doubts and soothed her fears away.

We are excited to work with such families as part of our monthly telepathy subscription package!

Jax the dog was his human’s everything.

A telepathy conversation finally put the guilt and What If’s? to rest 🥰💚

Some animals request a complete telepathy reading which their humans are usually happy to honor.

How does this happen?! Let me outline the process:-

Such a conversation typically happens on a video or audio call! This helps the animal’s human a.) understand exactly what and how I communicate. b.) makes a very informal safe space where any further questions are answered on the call with inputs from the animal! How cathartic is that?!

The one factor all my customer friends unanimously agree upon, is that after such a conversation ‘consultation’

their guilt melts away, they feel lighter, happier.

Awwww 😊😍💚

In this case, Luigi the dog knew the right words in which to explain in a way that his humans understood.

Luigi’s soul connection (commonly known as soul contract) with his dear humans was very evident from the message below.

What continues to amaze my client friends, is how little all materialistic factors matter to their animals. All they want is food, shelter and lots of TLC which they Reciprocate to their humans.

Our telepathy conversations have no geographic boundaries, nor are they selective to breed or race or class of people and type of animal.

When our fellow animal friends need telepathy support that is in our capacity, we are honored to sit across the ‘phone’ (😄) and talk about the monetary investment.

Compared to the lifelong value the animals and human continue to receive, the money loses its charm!

ABC still feels very much alive. XYZ came in my dreams and I don’t know what that means.

Can you help me please?!

This is where we come in!

We guide you to simply ask your animal by using the very safe elements of telepathy communication to have that heart-talk with your animal.

our signature method helps melt away your guilt, bringing you peace and this also helps your animal feel better!

Now I make it easy to say “YES!” to talking across the rainbow bridge!
Hang in there, we got you covered in three ways!

Yes please! Just take me to the form and get me signed up.

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